BNatrl is a social enterprise that develop, manufacture and distribute natural and organic products. A minimum of 5 percent of the profits we dedicate to charitable causes.

Our mission is to provide natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly products to maintain a sustainable business model focused on creating or distribute products to improve health and wellness where we see fit. 

By purchasing our products you are not only buying yourself a great product, you are also contributing to the great cause of supporting humanitarian efforts around the world. We also work with a non profit organization here in US whose main goal is to educate professionals, parents and the public on the permanent damage and effects on a human being that is instigated by Maternal Substance Abuse on the Fetus (FASD). (Alcohol, Opioids and Drugs)

To accomplish our mission, we provide a fun, healthy work environment with the customer as our number one priority.

*BNatrl  supporting a humanitarian project in Honduras.