12 Reasons to try Silver with Your Pets

12 Reasons to try Silver with Your Pets

Animals and humans have similar health needs.

Millions of people the world over consider their pets to be a part of the family. For that reason, pet health is a major concern. While there are specialized health care options for animals ranging from advanced surgical procedures to any number of pharmaceutical drugs, there is also a natural solution for a broad array of pet health needs. This solution is liquid and gel forms of alkaline silver.

What is silver and how has it been used?

Throughout history, silver has been used across the world as both a medicine and a preservative. Ancient Greeks used silver vessels for water purification. American pioneers trekking westward used silver to keep their water safe and to prevent dysentery, colds, and flu. Topical silver antiseptic solutions were used during World War II. The use of silver purification purposes continues today in Switzerland where they use silver water purification filters and by international airlines as well as in hospitals. More recently, NASA has used silver in its space shuttle water purification systems. Now silver can be used to protect the health and wellness of your beloved animals.

12 Reasons to Try Silver Solutions and Gel for Your Animals and Pets

  1. Protects Against Pathogens – Silver has been shown to effectively eradicate a number of bacteria, viruses and other microbes, many of which are found in animals.
  2. Keeps Skin and Coats Health – Silver can effectively fight skin infections and help maintain a healthy coat.
  3. Supports the Immune System
  4. Disinfects Pet Surroundings – Silver is a terrific tool for disinfecting and cleaning your pet’s surroundings, including dog and cat houses, litter boxes, food and water bowls, bird cages and so forth.
  5. Provides Pain Relief – Silver can effectively reduce swelling and infection, and therefore reduce the associated pain without the side effects of traditional medications.
  6. Promotes Oral Health – Silver can help reduce tooth plaque and decay, and minimize bad breath. It also is effective for mouth and jaw infections.
  7. Supports Eye, Ear and Nose Health – Silver is commonly applied to the eyes, ears and nose for infections and other problems.
  8. Soothes Wounds and Burns – Silver effectively heals wounds, scrapes, tears, and burns.
  9. Relieves Inflammation – Through its disinfectant power, silver can reduce infection and slow the inflammatory response in animals.
  10. Calms Digestive Ailments – Silver can safely be consumed to help with ailments of the digestive tract, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and infections.
  11. Protects Against Many Parasites
  12. Is Extremely Safe – Dozens of studies, as well as thousands of anecdotal cases, have shown silver to be non-toxic and very safe for internal and external application, even in very high servings.

As you can see, silver is a great addition to not only your family first aid kit but to your animal first aid kit as well. From animals large and small silver has helped a variety of problems. Check out a few of them below:

Medical Doctor tells her story

While attended a Health and Wellness Expo in Toronto, Canada, I saw a booth with BNatrl products, and noticed they were promoting Silver.  I asked the representative if it would work on a bad eye infection my 2 cats had been suffering from for months. I received some interesting information. Bought 1 bottle of Silver Water and 1 Silver Gel. I went home and applied the gel around my cat’s eyes. I also poured a tablespoon of the Silver Water in their bowl of water. This was Friday. Saturday I repeated the procedure 3 times. Sunday was the last day for the expo. Sunday morning my 2 cats had no signs of any infection. I hurried back to the expo. Bought 20 Gel and 20 Silver Water bottles, and received as a gift the “New Fighting Chance” (very useful and educational). I now have a little supply for my own needs, and potentially if I see fit, share with my patients and/or their pets. Being a Medical Doctor I probably should not say this but I was so excited with the results so yes: Finally, something that works!!

The Infection Cleared Up in a Week

When I bought my horse a couple of years ago, he had horrible swelling under his neck, which was nasty with infection. So I began applying liquid silver in a spray bottle a couple times a day. The infection and swelling cleared up within a week. I’ve also used silver to effectively treat thrush in his hooves.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen, founder of the Alkaline (pH balanced) Silver Water, graduated with a Ph. D. from the Toxicology Program at Utah State University. He has a Master’s Degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. He has served as the director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine and was nominated to chair the United States Pharmacopoeia Review Board Natural Products Committee. At Utah State University Dr. Pedersen received two distinguished service awards and constructed two space shuttle experiments. In addition, he has formulated over 160 nutritional supplements/personal care products. Dr. Gordon Pedersen was one of the first to publish a double blind placebo controlled study on the benefits of protein supplementation in body builders, where he worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger.