Month: August 2016

Silver Solution on Pets

Animals are troopers so stay calm. Before you go running to your medicine cabinet for an antibiotic ointment or calling your vet for an oral antibiotic – which we know are immune system suppressors by nature and can lead to antibiotic resistance – consider this powerful alternative. We offer our structured pH balanced Nano Silver […]

12 Reasons to try Silver with Your Pets

Animals and humans have similar health needs. Millions of people the world over consider their pets to be a part of the family. For that reason, pet health is a major concern. While there are specialized health care options for animals ranging from advanced surgical procedures to any number of pharmaceutical drugs, there is also […]

History of Silver

Silver has been used as medicine and a preservative by many cultures throughout history. Ancient Greeks used silver vessels for water purification. Pioneers trekking across the American west used to keep their water safe and prevent dysentery, colds, and flu: they actually put silver dollars in their milk containers and wooden water casks to retard […]