How the Best Raw Vegan and Lactose Friendly Protein Powders Can Give Your Body a Boost

If you have decided to get on the health bandwagon like the rest of the world seems to be doing right now, you might be feeling like you constantly are lacking energy. You are likely burning many more calories than you are used to per day, and as such you may need to find a healthy way to fuel your body with the energy it needs to use to build muscle. Foods such as chicken, eggs, and tofu contain high amounts of protein, but can be time-consuming to cook, and they may feel heavy in your stomach if you are about to start a workout. You may need to find something besides healthy eats to fuel your workouts and your muscles; this is where some of the best raw vegan protein powders can be used to supplement your diet.

 What Does Protein do for my Body?

Protein is an ideal source of fuel for your body, especially if you’ve recently started hitting the gym. It is a macronutrient that is broken down into amino acids for use by your body. There are many ways to increase the amount of protein you consume, but experts suggest that men need about 56 grams and women need 46 grams of protein each day. This is equal to approximately 35% of your daily caloric intake. Protein is not just great for building muscle, but is also used heavily in your immune system functionality. Protein aids in evening out the pH balance in your body, and it helps with the transportation of many other vital nutrients, such as sodium, potassium and vitamin A. If you are looking for a pre- or post-workout meal that is quick and easy to put together, you may want to consider the best vegan protein powder options that are available to you.

 Is Protein Powder a Viable Option?

With more people becoming vegans, both by choice and due to dietary restrictions, there is an increasing demand for a dairy-free and gluten free alternative to consuming protein. Some of the best raw vegan protein powders available are based from rice instead of whey. While both protein powders contain about 18 grams of protein per serving, whey-based protein powder contains dairy.  Eighteen grams of protein either before or after your workout will give you the fuel and strength to get through your workout so you can build the muscle you’re looking for.

Vegan and Vegetarian options

BNatrl offers many protein supplements, but the organic chocolate-flavored and vanilla flavored rice protein powder has to be one of the best raw vegan protein powders out there! It contains no lactose and a full amino acid profile. This rice protein powder is hypoallergenic, lactose free, gluten-free and both vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. It’s the ideal protein source for a household with many different dietary needs. Protein powders are the ideal way to consume protein because they are low fat and affordable. Each serving costs about $1.25, which is considerably cheaper than many specialty health drinks out there that contain the same amount of protein.