How Alkaline, pH balanced Silver Water and  Gel Can Help You When Antibiotics Can’t

How Alkaline, pH balanced Silver Water and Gel Can Help You When Antibiotics Can’t

Here at BNatrl, we know how important it is to make healthy decisions for your body; however, it is almost impossible to make healthy decisions if you don’t have access to the right information—and today’s product labeling doesn’t make that easy.  Some of the products on the shelves can be labeled as healthy, but may also contain chemical, non-natural ingredients that may react poorly with our bodies. We understand that our bodies can only work as well as the foods we put into them, and the products which we put on our skin, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a source for healthy and trustworthy products—from food to vitamins and supplements, and even including our own line of BNatrl Silver Water Solution and Gel and Lozenges. What is Silver Water Solution? It is formed when pure nano silver particles are dispersed through purified water, enabling the mineral’s charge to be transferred to the entire body of water.  This silver-charged liquid or gel can then be ingested or topically applied, allowing our bodies to absorb the benefits silver have to offer. What are the Benefits of Silver Solution and Gel? BNatrl pH balanced Silver Water Solution and Silver Gel are new, non-traditional, therapeutic treatment methods that can help protect us when antibiotics and other drugs can’t.  Our Silver Water Solution and Gel can provide relief for a variety of different microbial afflictions, from allergies and skin conditions to certain viruses and bacterial infections, and may even prove beneficial to destroy bacteria and viruses that cause cancer. How does it Work? BNatrl pH balanced Silver Water Solution and Gel work by targeting the cause of the affliction—the bacteria, viruses, fungus and molds that compose the root of the problem.  But, how does silver actually combat the problem?  The answer lies in the composition of the silver solution:

  • The silver oxide coating of the nano-particle attracts an electron from the bacterial cell membrane, rupturing that membrane and killing the bacterial cell;
  • The electro-magnetic charge of the newly formed silver, then magnetically attracts the virus, overpowering its DNA and causing it to bind into a tight ball, making it impossible to replicate; and
  • The magnetic resonance of the silver solution, then destroys bacteria and viruses through its magnetic resonance (it is found to resonate between 890-910 tetrahertz, the frequency which is used in most labs to protect against bacterial and viral infestation).

Is Silver Sol Harmful in Large Doses? BNatrl pH balanced Silver Water is far more effective than colloidal silver that has been known to cause health problems in the past.  Instead, we use patented technology to process silver molecules into nano-particles, which are extremely safe to use.  Much less of it is required to kill bacteria and viruses, it does not cause discoloring of the skin, and is not toxic since the silver solutions can actually pass through the body unmetabolized.  Further, 98% of ingested Silver Water Solution is excreted the next day, making buildup in the body to toxic levels virtually impossible.  Why Choose Silver Solution Products? Silver solutions and gels are broad-spectrum antimicrobial, contain potent anti-inflammatory agents and are the ultimate immune system booster, that doesn’t encourage resistant microbial strains.  They are non-toxic, cost effective, safe for all individuals with no side effects, and works well with prescribed antibiotics.  BNatrl pH balanced Silver Water Solution, Gel and Lozenges are a safe and natural way to protect you and your family from harmful pathogens and germs.