A research study conducted in 2009 by the US Air Force National Laboratory found nano silver to prevent the virus from being active. The trial study was conducted in vitro, (in lab glass cultures) and not in vivo (live mammals). The study’s conclusions were dramatic, demonstrating that silver nanoparticles contained in colloidal silver completely stifled proliferation of Ebola viral replication within the blood or tissue cells of infected serum from African green monkey blood cultures that were infected with synthetically produced Ebola viruses. Our product Silver sol has repeatedly been proven to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens, within minutes. By maintaining a regimen of silver in your daily life, you can actively boost your body’s natural defenses by making your body an inhospitable place for viruses, such as Ebola, to survive and propagate. Our Silver Sol is easy to use and extensively more effective than the traditional colloidal silver, which has been used for centuries around the world for its medicinal benefits. By using our solution regularly, you make it very difficult for any bacteria or virus to gain a foothold in your body.


Concerns  Naysayers’ biggest concerns are usually directed at the issue of metal poisoning, but BNatrl’s silver solution has solved this issue by using nano-particles of silver. As technology has advanced, so has medicine and Bioengineering. Nano particles are small enough to pass through your body’s cells and tissues, without becoming lodged, building up and causing damage. With silver particles this small, you get all the benefits of having silver in your system, without having to worry about developing an illness due to it. Historically speaking Before anyone even knew how silver worked, they used it to naturally purify their water. Silver water vessels were used to purify water and prevent water borne illnesses; and although it may have seemed magical at the time, it really was just science. The great thing about this science is that it hasn’t changed. Silver is still capable of eliminating 99% of all harmful organisms. Ebola With recent outbreaks of Ebola in North America, many people have begun to worry about their health and safety. Although our Silver Sol is an effective preventative supplement against bacteria and viruses, the 2009 research study conducted by the US Air Force did not advance to human trials. If your body is flooded with nano particles of silver, it becomes a hostile environment for diseases, like Ebola. We still, however, strongly recommend seeking medical attention if you are feeling ill or have come into contact with a known carrier or source of a disease like Ebola. Your health should be a priority all the time, not just when an outbreak occurs. Look at the research and the facts, and consider the benefits of introducing a naturally occurring element like BNatrl silver solution into your daily life.

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