Month: September 2015

Best Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins for a Healthy You and Your Child

The importance of prenatal vitamins cannot be overstated. There has been years of research to support, for example, the importance of folic acid during and even before pregnancy. On top of this are the many nutritional challenges a pregnant woman faces as the baby grows and hits different stages of development. The female body requires […]

Supplements for Runners Who Want to Go the Distance

Running is an endurance sport that really takes a lot out of you. On top of having to have a well-rounded diet, a good supplement filling in your dietary gaps and giving your muscle tissues an extra boost is important. Supplements for runners can have multiple functions, but at the end of the day, it’s […]

The Ultimate Power of Raw Vegan Protein Powder

Sometimes it can be extremely overwhelming for a novice fitness enthusiast to figure out which protein supplement is right for them. There are a lot of different brands out there that all claim that they are the best, but how does one choose? It seems many brands try to entice their customers with ‘scientifically proven […]

How Alkaline, pH balanced Silver Water and Gel Can Help You When Antibiotics Can’t

Here at BNatrl, we know how important it is to make healthy decisions for your body; however, it is almost impossible to make healthy decisions if you don’t have access to the right information—and today’s product labeling doesn’t make that easy.  Some of the products on the shelves can be labeled as healthy, but may […]

How the Best Raw Vegan and Lactose Friendly Protein Powders Can Give Your Body a Boost

If you have decided to get on the health bandwagon like the rest of the world seems to be doing right now, you might be feeling like you constantly are lacking energy. You are likely burning many more calories than you are used to per day, and as such you may need to find a […]

Why most vitamins may be harmful to your body

Natural vs.  Synthetic vitamins – educate yourself about the differences BNatrl promotes Natural Vitamins, Minerals and Protein. Synthetic Vitamins are not what we find in natural foods, not recognizable to the body, hard on the kidneys, not as absorbable, and can often be treated as toxins by your body. Vitamins are little organic molecules we need, […]

The Increased Importance of Protein During Pregnancy

The Increased Importance of Protein During Pregnancy Every nutrient that’s important to you as a woman is necessary for your baby’s growth and development. Yet, protein is one of the main nutrients that stand out as particularly important to your child, especially as pregnancy progresses. The recommended protein requirement for healthy women is 45-50 grams per […]